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Sober Living Delray Beach

You’re fighting substance addiction, but you feel like you’ve exhausted all your options? It’s time to let specialists handle the problem. At Delray Beach Halfway Houses, we offer comprehensive rehab services in a luxurious and welcoming setting.

If you’re looking for sober living at Delray Beach, you’re in the perfect place. We’ve been fighting substance addiction for a long time, and we have developed a remarkably effective rehab strategy as a result. The treatment we’re offering consists of:

Specialized clinical detoxification

Whether you’re a victim of alcoholism, heroin addiction or other opioids or antidepressants, you need to come to our center fast. Our detox services will:

  • Minimize the symptoms of withdrawal
  • Eliminate the suffering associated with the cold turkey syndrome
  • Regulate your behavior and anti-social and aggressive tendencies
  • Prevent the short-term relapse
  • Restore the functionality of the opioid receptors
  • Flush the substance from your system
  • Stabilize your condition and allow the recovery process to commence

No matter the type of the substance you’re using or the symptoms you’re experiencing, you should never self-detox. It’s not only unreliable, as most patients relapse soon after, but it’s also highly risky. You risk developing a new type of addiction as a result. Come to our center and have our specialists take control of the procedure!

Individual and group therapies

Therapeutic programs and sessions are critical strategies in the overall rehab treatment. While the medication plan will stabilize your physiological functioning, allowing your body and mind to recover, the psychotherapies-to-follow take things to the next level. When it comes to sober living at Delray Beach, you need to regain control over your emotions.

For that, we’ve set group meetings where you can share your story with others like you, listen to theirs, and support each other during the recovery period. These therapies will:

  • Restore your self-esteem
  • Help you socialize with other people easier
  • Grow more confident and responsible
  • Become more empathetic and helpful towards others
  • Cleanse your thoughts of all the negativity and pessimism
  • Uplift your spirit

To achieve and maintain a life of sobriety, you need first to become mentally and emotionally stable. It’s only then that you’ll be able to see life in a different light.

Comprehensive relapse prevention strategies

While preventing the short-term relapse is pretty straightforward, helping you remain sober for a lifetime is an entirely different game. It’s here where our expertise in the field of substance rehab will make the difference. In order to return to a normal life, you need to adopt significant lifestyle changes along the way.

Our experts are ready to teach you invaluable tips on how to eat healthier, exercise more often, remain socially active, and develop new passions to keep your spirit high. At our center, sober living at Delray Beach implies change - changing your lifestyle, your mindset, and your life-defining goals and purposes.

Delray Beach Halfway Houses offers you salvation from addiction, along with the opportunity for a better life. It’s one opportunity you won’t want to miss!

Sober Living Delray Beach

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Sober Living Delray Beach Sober Living Delray Beach Sober Living Delray Beach Sober Living Delray Beach Sober Living Delray Beach
To be sure, inpatient treatment is one of a number of offerings we make available to clients. Our recovery center offers a full continuum of substance abuse care that aims to meet a diversity of treatment needs and life circumstances. Outpatient programs, for example, can serve a supportive role in grounding clients in a longer-term lifestyle of sobriety. Similarly, sober living houses offer a less-structured environment of accountability and support for clients moving out of our residential program and back into the real world.

Typically, however, such interventions are auxiliary to the residential rehab experience. They function more as a side dish in relation to the main entree (residential inpatient treatment), which we believe best serves our clients’ long-term interests — in the form of life-long freedom from addiction. We thus recommend clients follow drug detox at our center with an intensive daily regimen of group and individual therapeutic programming, during which time living in residence within a supportive and protective community is the ideal.

For more information about our inpatient treatment programs, call us today at 1-281-502-8735 and let one of our caring admissions counselors help you with any questions or concerns regarding cost, eligibility and insurance.

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