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Drug Rehab Centers in NH

Beyond our comprehensive alcohol and drug rehab in Nashua, we provide our patients with treatment programs that are customized to meet their individual needs. Our Nashua drug rehab is designed to provide a wide range of drug and alcohol treatment services to meet our clients when they walk through our doors. Live Free Recovery Services' goal is to provide a healing facility for those who seek our substance abuse treatment services. Here is an overview of our drug and alcohol rehab and detox services. 

Initial Assessment

At Live Free Recovery Services, we will start by having you completely assess to find out more about you and your substance abuse problem. This is an essential step in the drug and alcohol rehab process because the information we get from you will be used to create an individualized program to treat your addiction.

Group and Individual Therapy 

Group therapy is an important component of our rehab treatment program because it allows our patients to express shared trials, tribulations, experiences and relate to one another to foster lasting bonds. Individual therapy, on the other hand, is also an important part of any drug or alcohol rehab program, as it offers a private space to go deeper into the underlying causes of your addiction and give you the opportunity to match the essential tools to your specific needs for lasting recovery.

12 Step Facilitation Therapy

This is an active engagement strategy that is designed to help people abstain from drugs and alcohol by systematically linking them to and boosting their active participation in the 12 step self-help groups, thus promoting abstinence. Through this program, patients are able to work and share with others so as to help them share their burdens, reconcile their past, and live a life that is based on principles such as perseverance, faith, hope, integrity, honesty, community, and more.

At Live Free Recovery Services, we are one of the best drug treatment centers in Nashua that offer 12 step facilitation therapy to help our patients develop a strong community and spiritual foundation for their substance abuse recovery. Moreover, you can take all of these with you long after you leave our rehab.

Medical Detoxification

Many of our clients enter our Nashua rehab with addictions that require medical detoxification. For instance, people with alcohol, opiate, or synthetic drug addiction may require a medical detox to stabilize the body before they are ready to fully integrate into our drug and alcohol treatment program.

An array of medications may be used to manage acute drug and alcohol withdrawal. The medications help relieve chemical imbalances and signs of withdrawal in the body. Our medical detox program is administered through one of our referral partners. 

Aftercare Program

As one of the best drug rehab centers in NH, we provide an aftercare program to our patients who have completed our treatment program. This program is recommended to help you through the real-life situations that happen once you completed your treatment. Our aftercare program comprises of sober living program, follow-up therapy and counseling, alumni support groups, and more. 

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We are one of the best drug rehab centers in NH. So, if you are looking for the best nearby alcohol rehabs in Nashua, contact Live Free Recovery Services to begin your journey into addiction recovery and find your purpose in life: 1.877.932.6757.

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Drug Rehab Centers in NH
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Drug Rehab Centers in NH Drug Rehab Centers in NH Drug Rehab Centers in NH Drug Rehab Centers in NH Drug Rehab Centers in NH
To be sure, inpatient treatment is one of a number of offerings we make available to clients. Our recovery center offers a full continuum of substance abuse care that aims to meet a diversity of treatment needs and life circumstances. Outpatient programs, for example, can serve a supportive role in grounding clients in a longer-term lifestyle of sobriety. Similarly, sober living houses offer a less-structured environment of accountability and support for clients moving out of our residential program and back into the real world.

Typically, however, such interventions are auxiliary to the residential rehab experience. They function more as a side dish in relation to the main entree (residential inpatient treatment), which we believe best serves our clients’ long-term interests — in the form of life-long freedom from addiction. We thus recommend clients follow drug detox at our center with an intensive daily regimen of group and individual therapeutic programming, during which time living in residence within a supportive and protective community is the ideal.

For more information about our inpatient treatment programs, call us today at 1-281-502-8735 and let one of our caring admissions counselors help you with any questions or concerns regarding cost, eligibility and insurance.

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